Among the fastest technological evolutions and certainly the most remarkable of last years, the Internet of Objects (IoT) and Mobility – in every sense – will catch modern decision makers’ attention for sure. Indeed, it is clear that connected and mobile objects’ omnipresence represents a major challenge for organizations since their infrastructures and ICT networks are now opening to new types of systems and applications, with unknown constraints until then in terms of performance, reliability, disponibility and security in particular. Because who says IoT inescapably thinks of widely spread and permanently connected platforms.

WHY ? 

By 2020, IoT will represent no fewer than 20.4 billions of connected objects, that is to say a market evaluated to 2.000 billions of dollars. And if IoT applications will be largely mainstream, fields like industry, transports, public sector (intelligent cities, etc.) and health will be also widely impacted.


To apprehend those evolutions and understand those technologies’ big stakes, Mark-Com Event offers on April 25, 2019 in Event Lounge, an event exclusively dedicated to IoT and Mobility. This event builds up on the succes of our other events  notably  ICT Infrastructure Forum in May 2018 in Namur Expo and coming back on 23 May 2019,  on the 2017 & 2018 Security Forum that took place in ttwo years ago  in Château Bayard of Dhuy (Namur) and at Château du Lac (Genval) last October, as well as on the AI Convention Europe of October 2018 to be renewed in 2019.