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The Internet-of-Things (IoT) enables new applications with strong market potential. However, the ubiquitous connection of "Things" to the cloud with the associated massive deployment of IoT smart sensors face sustainability challenges associated to smart sensor obsolescence and battery replacement, data deluge in the cloud, security pitfalls and wireless spectrum congestion. In this talk, we will review potential technological and non-technological solutions to address these challenges.

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So many network popped-up in the last past decade. Sigfox, Lora, LTE-M, NB-IoT, 5G and more. When some have been created from scratch, some others, more well-known, are the evolutions of previous version and will be incorporated in future 5G standard. But do you really know these networks? Do you understand their advantages, their potential, their differences?

If you had a need for indoor and outdoor geolocation projects in Maghreb desert for example, which network would fit the best according to you?

What about the geolocation of trucks transportation through South America?

Losing data transmission can be a critical issue for companies. That is why it is very important to be aware about them in order to select the right one for your use-case.

And this is what Ludovic de Nicolay, ercogener marketing and sales director, will try to explain through its conference. Because advising customers about the right solution to successfully realize their projects is what ercogener does.

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The session explores how the deployment of 5G will impact the adoption, innovation and development of Consumer and Industrial IoT.

Drawing from the insights of Capgemini’s global study on the development of 5G and from multiple ioT related client cases in Europe, the presentation addresses 3 main themes: What is the impact of 5G on an already crowded IoT technology context (LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M, NB IoT…)? Which industrial, mobility and consumer IoT use cases benefit from 5G? How to drive positive ROI? What is the expected horizon for deployment and what are the main roadblocks to overcome?”

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Kappa Data builds solutions whenever and wherever remote communication and data transfer is required.

The complete IoT solution platform is offered which provides connectivity, security and processing power for global applications, with a comprehensive set of provisioning and development tools to deliver ease of deployment and maximum flexibility. Imagine the possibilities when you start using IoT: Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting to prevent downtime. Remote monitoring to ensure ongoing service calls are only made when they’re needed and this in any domain.

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In this speech Roelof Koopmans will present the LoRaWAN open standard for connecting wireless sensors with IOT platforms and enterprise applications. Also a comparison of LoRaWAN with other wireless technologies will be given, and insights in various use cases in different verticals, as well as presenting the LoRa Alliance. LoRaWAN networks are deployed in more than 100 countries, and has become the de-facto standard for long range low power connectivity for IOT solutions.

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The predictions for 2020 show that 50 Billion IoT devices will be in use in each and every sector.

We also observe a constant increase on cyber threats due to specific vulnerabilities of IOT : physical access to the device, RF manipulation, usage of default passwords used, no encryption,…

A legal framework is emerging to tackle the requirements to identify secured IoT solutions.

The IQS (IoT qualified as secure) will allow future acquirers, companies or individuals, to identify the security maturity of a connected solution according to a reliable, neutral and independent indicator.

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